Common Ground Rebrand

Rebranding for local coffee van – “Common Ground”.  The logo uses a hand-stamped type around the outside to give a human/casual feel.  The typography in the middle uses a line to represent “the ground” which separates the main letters.  The small leaf icon ties in with the concept of “ground”.  All of the logo is encased in…

Glow : Nutrition, Coffee, Good Vibes Branding

Branding designed for “Glow” – a café with a special emphasis on nutrient rich food that will make you ‘glow from the inside out’.  The light globe emphasising the “glow” as well as the gold foil segment.  The “o” represents the whole person and is also highlighted in a gold foil.  A modern, simple typeface was chosen to…

Blank Canvas Dollhouses Logo Design

Design created for local business “Blank Canvas Dollhouses” – the logo is meant to portray a creative raw feel with the hand-drawn style type.  

Agg-Tech Machinery Rebrand

Rebrand completed for local agricultural company Agg-Tech Machinery.  The logo has a strong bold feel – to tie in with the type of equipment they stock.

Meindee Cream Ale Beer Label Design

Label design made for Mildura Brewery and their limited edition Meindee Cream Ale.  Colours and typography chosen were used to portray the “creamy soft” flavours of the beer.  A label was designed as well as a tap decal.

Mildura Farms Sticker Packaging Design

Sticker made for local business “Mildura Farms” which specialises in nuts, dried fruits and  local produce.  Wanted a design that included colourings that relate to the region (green for growing, orange for our climate).  The typography used ties in with the natural/raw/home grown nature of the products.

Tanya Black Beauty Business Card and Gift Voucher Design

Business card design and gift voucher design focusing on the same elements used in the logo design.  Soft, simple and elegant with a focus on the branding of the business in particular the prominent “B” from the logo.

Tanya Black Beauty Logo Design

Logo design for local beauty therapist – Tanya Black Beauty.  The client wanted a vintage look with soft colours.  A clear thin typeface was used to give an elegant and professional feel.  The “b” represents “beauty” through the floral pattern used.

Brotherhood of St Laurence Infographic Design

Brotherhood of St Laurence is a community organisation that works across Australia to prevent and alleviate poverty. They required several infographics to use for staff and clients to explain particular processes.  The team wanted these displayed in a jigsaw form.    

Poster Design for “Teagan Jane Photography”

Poster design created for local photographer TJP (Teagan Jane Photography) and her Father’s Day sessions.  A rustic and worn look was used to tie in with the setting of her photoshoot.

Business Card Design for Natural Drift

Business Card design for local business Natural Drift.  Using the businesses colour scheme, plus a “raw” looking font to tie in with the business.  Also personalised the business cards with a photo of the owner being featured.

30th Invite Design

Invite design made for a friends 30th going for a retro type look using contrasting colours that pop.

Seasonal Beer Tags

Seasonal Beer Tag branding and design for local brewery – The Mildura Brewery.  These are printed on recycled brown card and used as a tag rather than label for a unique look.

Poster design for “Teagan Jane Photography”

Poster design created for local photographer TJP (Teagan Jane Photography) and her Mother’s Day sessions.  A hint of gold and watercolour flowers were used to create a feminine and natural look.

Menu design for “Bar Door + Kitchen”

Local restaurant “The Wooden Door” wanted to create a night spot for their cafe – with amazing food and beverages.  The menu design is meant to pop, with a comic retro feel and contrasting colours.

The Boulevard DL Brochure Design

Local hotel and restaurant “The Boulevard” required a DL brochure to be designed.  Imagery also needed to be taken.  Design and photography: byCarmody design.    

The Sunraysia Women’s Football League Logo Design

Sunraysia has recently gained enough interest and participation to start their own Women’s Football League.  This branding was created to represent them.  The pink ties in with the theme of women, while the strong typography used represents their willpower and determination – not only physically in the sport but in their ability to make the…

“Natural Drift” Photography

Photography taken for local business “Natural Drift” which creates sweet treats that are free from gluten, refined sugars, grains and dairy.  The client requested a range of photos be taken of their bliss ball varieties.  

Branding for Myolife

Logo design created for a local myotherapy and pilates business “Myolife”.  The three petal type shapes symbolise the different parts of the body working together in unison.  The soft colour scheme represents relaxation and the flowing typography refers to flexibility and movement.

Deer oh Deer Logo Design

The clients – two sisters – were after a logo design for their new boutique shop in Adelaide.  The shop will stock fashion for both babies and women.  They requested it reflect pastel colours and a deer silhouette. The logo uses contrasting colours to pop.  The logo is able to be broken up into parts for…

Makeup by Coco Logo Design

The client requested a script typeface – with a small pop of colour.  The lips add contrast and relates directly to the clients business.  

The Corporate Moose Logo Design

Exciting collaboration project with Beau Collicoat on the branding for a new bar in Mildura – “The Corporate Moose”.  The clients wanted a logo that represented an upperclass style using a moose.  Their bar is aimed towards working professionals.

Lee Dot Photography Logo and Business Card Design

Logo design for a Melbourne photographer. They requested it be in a black circle.  These designs play on the idea of the “dot”. Final design was chosen and refined – and then business card were also designed.

“Lulu Tea” Logo Design

Logo Design for a fashion blog – “Lulu Tea “Lulu” is a nickname of the client given to her by her grandpa, and whenever she writes a post she sits down with a cup of tea. Most of these logo concepts have played on the circle shape of a cup of tea and the mark…

“Zed” Children’s Clothing Logo Design

Logo Design for Children’s Clothing Brand “Zed”.  Capturing the essence of “children” with a child like type.  The crown represents a prince or boy – who the brand is inspired from.  Zoe being the mother’s name and Jed being the son’s name – The two names combined making Zed.

Feed the HUNGRY Logo Design

Logo design for Mildura based group “Feed the Hungry” which has set out to tackle the huge problem of homelessness in Mildura. The logo symbolises the simple shape of a mouth. Most of us would shove food in our mouth every day without a single thought. Not everyone is so lucky. The orange symbolises hope…

Coco Yogo Logo Design

Logo design for Melbourne based business starting a dairy free coconut yoghurt range.

Sunraysia Rural Counselling Service Logo Design

Logo design for rural financial counselling service.  The image used represents the elements of a “rural” setting – with green for land, blue for sky and orange for the earth. The negative space represents the sun.

Serene Movement Logo Design

A logo made for a new Melbourne based business “Serene movement” which will specialise in massage, pilates and physio.  Two logos were made for the client to choose from.  Which do you prefer?  Each is meant to convey a smooth flow in the design to tie in with flexible movement involved in massage, pilates and…